Dr. Jeff and Dr. Amber announce our Website Scavenger Hunt

Tri State Dental, serving Dakota Dunes, SD, Sioux City, IA, and South Sioux City, NE, strives to provide exceptional dentistry in a professional and welcoming environment. To help all of our patients become familiar with our new website, Dr. Amber and Dr. Jeff are hosting a Website Scavenger Hunt. We will be giving away an iPod Shuffle to one lucky winner!

You might be wondering, “How do I enter the Website Scavenger Hunt?” It’s simple! Visit our website and answer these six questions. The contest ends Dec. 1, 2010, so don’t hesitate to submit your answers by either emailing office@tristatedental.com, or dropping off your entry at our office.

Website Scavenger Hunt:
1) Who is Daisy?
2) Tri-State Dentistry offers fourth generation dentistry. What year did Dr. Amber begin practicing?
3) What staff member of Tri State Dental is a big Vikings fan?
4) What is one step that Dr. Amber and Dr. Jeff recommend for preventing cavities?
5) CEREC is a technology for restoring damaged teeth, and this restoration can be completed in a ______ to the doctor’s office.
6) In our lobby, you’ll find a picture of what type of bird?

For more information on the Website Scavenger Hunt, be sure to follow us online. By “liking” us on Facebook, you will receive regular updates and announcements from our office – all through the news feed!

2 Responses to Dr. Jeff and Dr. Amber announce our Website Scavenger Hunt

Mitzi McGill says:

Hi there!! Did you receive my answers? Did I win Did I win!! LOL

Mitzi McGill says:

1. Jeff's dog
2. 2003
3. crazy Bridget
4. brushing with a toothpaste with fluoride
5. single visit
6. an eagle

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